Our Passion is your comfort

About JNG Property Group

We are Perth’s first and only shared-living and HMO (houses of multiple occupants) specialists, providing high-quality, affordable accommodation across the Perth region. We’re a professional and relatable property management team that works tirelessly to ensure the best outcome and experience for all of our clients.

Our mission at JNG is to provide clean, safe, quality accommodation that our residents are proud to live in. And, our open and inclusive business philosophy means that residents from all walks of life are able to experience the kind of shared-living where they can feel at home, reduce their living costs, and enable future opportunities.

We pride ourselves on our exemplary offering and we work with investors to ensure that our range of homes and properties continues to meet and exceed the needs of our residents throughout Perth.

And, whether it’s through technology or design, we’re always striving to perfect the shared-living experience for our residents, to ensure their comfort, safety, and happiness.