Updated March 2020

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As part of a share house, there are certain expectations for everyone living at the premises. These house rules are in place to help provide a harmonious and respectful environment for all housemates. 

1.Rental payments

Each housemate will take responsibility of their own rental payments. All rent is due as per the time agreed on your signed agreement and paid directly to the account outlined on the agreement. 

2. Utilities

Electricity, water and gas bills are included up to the amount of $20 per person per week. Anything over this amount will be split equally between all housemates (this is not per room but per housemate). However, if there is one individual who has an appliance that chews through a lot of electricity (like a floor heater) there will be a discussion regarding whether that person needs to pay a higher proportion of the energy bill. 

Air conditioning or heating left on for long periods of time will significantly increase the bills, therefore, please refrain from doing this to avoid the additional payment. 

Sustainability is important to your household, please recycle using the bins provided and put in place ways to conserve household energy. 

3. Internet

The internet is included within the weekly rent. Please note that it is illegal to download large files (e.g. movies).  

4. Cleaning

Please ensure that the house is kept clean and tidy at all times. Everyone must contribute to the cleaning of communal/shared areas. Your bedroom and bathroom must be cleaned on a weekly basis. Please refrain from cleaning between 10 pm and 8 am due to noise restrictions. 

A cleaner is included in the weekly rent, to clean all common areas. Date is not specified, the cleaner can come on different days between the hours of 8am-5pm weekdays.


Note: The cleaner will have the front door code so you don’t need to worry about being there to let the cleaner in.


Out of respect for the other housemates please clean up after yourselves on a daily basis and keep on top of hygiene especially in the kitchen and bathroom. 

Please wash pots in the sink; it is your responsibility to wash up your dishes after use. Please clean the oven after use and clean out extractor filters above the hob. 

To help with all common area cleaning, please note that the following are provided within the weekly rent: washing up liquid, toilet rolls (2x per person per week), bin liners 

Please note that if any of the housemates need to buy the above they will not be reimbursed. 

5. Rubbish

Please take note of the council waste disposal times in your area, by checking the council website.


Please make a roster between all housemates to work out who’s responsibility this is each Week – this is a shared responsibility. 
Note that public holidays may alter these times of collection. 


6. Food & cooking arrangements

All housemates are responsible for buying and cooking their own food.

Please allocate a shelf each in the fridge, pantry and also a set of cupboards per room.


7. Communal property

Living in shared accommodation means respecting not just other people, but also their belongings. Any additional furniture brought into the communal areas of the house must be approved by the House Service Manager to ensure there is alignment with fire safety guidelines and regulation.  Ensure all appliances and furniture are kept in their original condition. If you cause any damage to the premises, furniture or the appliances, you will be charged the cost of its repair or replacement. 

Please notify your House Service Manager of any damage to the premises as soon as you become aware of it.  Please ensure the property is kept secure by locking all doors and windows before you leave the house. The accommodation provider will not accept responsibility for any damage or theft to personal property left in the house. 


8. Public areas and noise

Please be considerate with the volume of your music, and refrain from making unnecessary loud noise, or disturbances at any time of the day or night. 


9. Visitors and parties


Until further notice there are to be NO VISITORS to the house or bedrooms . Anyone who is found to be allowing anyone into the property and who does not reside there will be evicted immediately. If you are to meet with family or friends, please do so away from the property and in line with the government's Social Distancing rules.


10. Pets

No pets are allowed in the house.


12. Prohibited items

Smoking is prohibited in the house. Please consider the other housemates when smoking outside. Candles are prohibited in both communal areas and in bedrooms. Any illegal substances are prohibited on the entire premises.


13. Lost keys or keys locked inside of house/room

There will be a charge of $50 if any keys are lost/ if you get locked out of your room. It is your responsibility to look after your keys and if you are a locked out you will need to collect spare keys from the House Service Manager at your own travel expense. Spare keys are not guaranteed to be accessible within 24 hours. If spare keys are not available (due to no one being in the area at the time of needing a key) it is your responsibility to call a locksmith and get the locks replaced at your own cost.


14. Telephone use

The telephone socket is not to be used by any occupant. If the telephone line is being used the whole house will be charged for the use.


15. Bullying

Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated in the house.


16. Moving out
Your Bond cannot be used against your rent payment.
The Bond can be used against costs associated with cleaning, damage to the premises, appliances, furniture, and plants. 

When vacating, you must ensure that your room and bathroom and shared areas are left clean and tidy. 

If it is left in an unsatisfactory condition, cleaning costs will be deducted from your Bond. 

Please ensure that:

•Your kitchen cupboard is empty and clean

•Your bathroom cupboard is empty and clean

•Your bedroom wardrobe is empty and clean

•The floor in your room is vacuumed and cleaned

•Your bed linen is freshly laundered and left on the bed 

The bond will be transferred to your nominated bank account after satisfactory inspection of the items above by the house services manager. You must also return any keys if you were issued with any. Your bond will be used against any cost associated with cleaning, replacement bed linen, damage to the premises, appliances, and furniture. You will also be charged rent until JNG Property Group is satisfied with everything mentioned above.

Final note: It is important to note that everyone in the house has equal rights in the household. It does not matter if you are paying more rent or have a bigger room etc.


JNG Property Group reserve the right to amend the house rules at any time without notice to any party

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