JNG House Rules


  1. Keep all windows closed, switch off the heater and/or air conditioner, and turn off all lights and electrical
    appliances when you are not in the Room.
  2. Keep the Property, Communal Areas and your Room clean and tidy at all times.
  3. Bathroom and Kitchen must be cleaned every time they are used.
  4. Wash and clean all plates and utensils immediately after use. Please wash pots in the sink.
  5. Clean the oven after use and clean out extractor filters above the hob.
  6. To help with all Communal Areas cleaning, the Property Manager provides washing liquid, bin liners and
  7. Please refrain from cleaning, washing or use of laundry between 10 pm and 8 am.
  8. Do not waste water, gas or electricity.
  9. Clean out your unused food from the refrigerator every two weeks.
  10. Dispose of all litter in the bin(s) appropriately (with recyclable waste going in the recycle bin) and place the bin(s)
    on the verge on the due date of the week for collection. This may be done as per the roster to be agreed between
    the Occupiers.
  11. A cleaner is complimentary with your licence fee and will come into the Property to clean all Communal Areas. The cleaners can come on any weekdays between 8.00 am to 5.00 pm. weekdays. The cleaners have the front
    door keys/code.
  12. All Occupiers are responsible for buying and cooking their own food.
  13. Please allocate a shelf each in the fridge, pantry, kitchen storage and cupboards per room, i.e. if there are a total
    of 5 rooms in the Property; please split the fridge, pantry, kitchen storage and cupboards into 5 portions.
  14. Do not run or create any other nuisance inside the Property.
  15. Report any problem or damage to the Property, Communal Areas, your Room or the Contents to the Property
  16. Ensure all appliances and furniture are kept in their original condition.
  17. Look after the Property’s facilities and report any damage immediately to the Property Manager.
  18. Store all your belongings in your Room and not in the Communal Areas.
  19. Cars are only to be parked in designated parking spots. No parking on driveway of any common property.
  20. No Pets are allowed in the Property.
  21. No loud music is allowed in the Property.
  22. No candles are to be lit in the property and no flammable material is to be stored in the Property.
  23. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the Property.
  24. The use of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited in the Property.
  25. Respect the Other Occupiers and their privacy.
  26. Do not move furnishings, or interfere with, or connect to the electrical network or any other installations in the
    Property without the consent of the Property Manager.
  27. Do not drill holes, insert hooks or screws or hammer nails etc. in the doors or woodwork or the walls.
  28. Observe night time peace and quiet between 10.00 p.m. to 8.00 a.m. and do not disturb the Other Occupiers or
    neighbours during that time.
  29. Insure your own belongings and furniture as the Licensor’s insurance does not cover these.
  30. Doors and windows must be kept closed when the Room is unoccupied.
  31. Waterbeds are not permitted in the Property without prior written permission from the Property Manager.
  32. You are responsible for all keys issued and must return all keys and copies made by you to the Property Manager
    at the time of vacating the Room.
  33. It is your responsibility to look after your keys, and if you are a locked out, you will need to collect spare keys from
    the Property Manager at your own travel expense.
  34. Spare keys are not guaranteed to be accessible within 24 hours.
  35. If spare keys are not available, it is your responsibility to call a locksmith and get the locks replaced at your own
  36. Do not slam the doors or behave noisily.
  37. Utility Fee is included in the Licence Fee up to the amount as detailed in your Occupancy Agreement for Gas, Water and Electricity. Currently, this is $20 per person per week (not $20 per room). The “Fair Use Policy”. If the occupiers abuse the Fair Use Policy, and if the total consumption of the Gas, Water and Electricity works out to be more than $20 per person per week, the excess will be equally divided amongst the Occupiers at the Property. However, if any Occupier has an appliance that consumes a lot of electricity (like a floor heater), that Occupier will need to pay a higher proportion of the energy bill as decided by the Property Manager.
  38. The internet is included within the Licence Fee. Please do not download large files (e.g. movies).
  39. Please make sure that any visitors respect the Other Occupiers and do not overstay their welcome.
  40. No visitor can stay overnight unless otherwise agreed with the Property Manager.
  41. Each Occupier is fully responsible for any of its visitors, and any disturbance or damage by the visitor may result in money being deducted for the Security Deposit to cover any associated costs.
  42. Parties are prohibited in the Property.
  43. Bullying or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated in the Property.
  44. If complaints of any abusive behaviour is received the occupier may have their license terminated with immediate effect.
  45. When vacating, the Occupier must ensure that they take all of their belongings with them and leave the room in a tidy manner.
  46. As stated in your licence to occupy agreement, when vacating the room a professional cleaner will clean the room at a cost of $40 for a standard room and $77 for an en-suite room. This cost will be charged to the occupier. Any items left in the Room will be disposed by the Property Manager and the Occupier will be responsible for the fees associated with the disposal of any items deemed abandoned.
  47. Everyone in the Property has equal rights in the household , so please be respectful of the Other Occupiers of the Property.
  48. The breach of the House Rules listed above constitutes a breach of your Occupancy Agreement. In the event that you are in breach of these House Rules, the Licensor and/or the Property Manager has the right to repudiate your Occupancy Agreement.
  49. Your security deposit cannot be used to pay any outstanding debts, including licence fee.
  50. You have signed an agreement to occupy a room for the term stated on this agreement. If you wish to terminate this agreement earlier than the agreed date you will be responsible to pay the rent until your room becomes filled and you will be charged a fee equal to 2 weeks licence fee to cover new occupancy costs and advertising.